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MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping GmbH & Co

MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping GmbH & Co. has been a trusted name for over 35 years by customers in Southern Africa, Europe, the UK and USA/ Mexico.

We offer specialized shipping solutions within our three dedicated trade routes on our multipurpose fleet which can accommodate almost any load, from bulk and break-bulk, project cargoes and containers.

Our vessels are all equipped with their own cranes with a lift capacity of up to 240 tonnes, giving us the ability to load and unload a multitude of cargoes effectively and safely.

The open hatch configuration and movable horizontal and vertical hold separations and the bulk-head design of our vessels enables the flexibility to cater for a wide range of cargoes in an optimally efficient and safe manner.

We will get your cargo to where it needs to go, professionally, on time and with a personal touch

MACS owns its own container fleet, leasing containers as and when necessary. All containers are certified to the latest requirements (ACEP) and are overseen with meticulous attention by our in-house logistics team. Containerised cargo includes everything from perishable and refrigerated goods, automotive parts and machinery to chemicals. We keep our fleet young with a low average age by refreshing the fleet with new units on a regular basis.

Project Cargo
With the versatile configuration and design of our vessels we can accommodate almost any cargo you can think of, try us you might be pleasantly impressed.

Break Bulk
MACS vessels feature superior deck strengths and powerful on-board cranes, which allow for swift unloading and loading anywhere, regardless of the capabilities of the port itself. The ships are ideal for almost all types of bulk and break bulk cargo, however heavy or voluminous.

In the holds of each MACS Vessel, bulk parcels from as small as 500 mtons upwards are secured and separated by custom-made retainer systems.

We offer the following trade routes:

MACS (Europe – Africa)
◾Longterm Schedule Southbound
◾Longterm Schedule Northbound
◾Coastal Schedule Africa
◾Coastal Schedule Europe

MACS GAL (US Gulf – Africa)
◾Longterm Schedule Southbound
◾Longterm Schedule Northbound
◾Coastal Schedules US
◾Coastal Schedules Africa

MACS Transatlantic Service
◾Longterm Schedule Westbound
◾Longterm Schedule Eastbound
◾Coastal Schedules US
◾Coastal Schedules Europe

◾African Coastal Schedule

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