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SAFE Shipping and Forwarding Agency d.o.o.

Safe Shipping Croatia

Safe Shipping Croatia was established in 2019 and is at present covering commercial activities in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina offering liner services and assisting in transportation solutions from our principal services worldwide


Safe Shipping was established 1975 in Denmark as an independent liner and container leasing agency.
Today Safe Shipping, being part of USS United Shipping Services AB, has developed and expanded considerably and is now consisting of agencies is 13 European countries:

– Austria
– Croatia / Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina
– Czech rep / Slovakia
– Denmark
– Estonia
– Finland
– Hungary
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Norway
– Poland
– Slovenia
– Sweden

Safe Shipping is representing Hamburg Süd and Alianca in 15 countries and DAL Deutsche Afrika-Linien in 13 countries.

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