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Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft KG

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft KG

Hamburg Süd is known throughout the world as a reliable and powerful partner. What began life in 1871 with three steamers and monthly liner services to Brazil and the La Plata region, today provides ideal superlative connections worldwide.

With 114 container ships, the Hamburg Süd Group offers about 35 regular container liner services linking the continents. Thanks to the takeover and integration of numerous new liner services, Hamburg Süd has consolidated its position as a leading North-South carrier.

While our services connect South America with Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, Asia, South and West Africa on the one hand, they also link Europe with the Mediterranean, India and Pakistan as well as Australia / New Zealand and the Pacific Islands with Asia and North America.

Crucial for the quality of a container carrier, however, is not only the number of connections and ports called but the very special knowledge of the distinctive features and requirements of regional markets. Hamburg Süd’s panoply of services therefore also represents the sum of positive attributes that has developed through the integration of each individual operation – first-class service, superb reliability, the highest technical standards, all-round logistics solutions, coupled with broad expertise, success in all the trades served and an efficient cost structure.

The Hamburg Süd Group today ranks among the major providers of worldwide ocean transportation and individual, one-source logistics solutions tailored to customer needs. Hamburg Süd employs about 4,700 staff. It operates 174 ships and maintains a global inventory of some 349,000 containers in a wide array of sizes and configurations and strategically positioned to meet the regional and seasonal needs of our customers.

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