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Borchard Lines

The Borchard Group of Companies is one of the oldest established liner shipping companies serving Europe and the Mediterranean and has been operating liner shipping services since 1933, whilst its origin as ship owners goes back to the 19th century.

Borchard Lines Ltd. is a British company having weekly container services with fixed day sailings from North Europe – Antwerp, Rotterdam and East Coast United Kingdom (Felixstowe) to Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Turkey and vice versa and also from West Coast UK – Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast to Leixoes, Castellon, Salerno, Piraeus, Limassol, Ashdod, Haifa, Izmir, Alexandria, Mersin and Salerno and vice versa.

In addition, they operate three weekly inter-Mediterranean services: Ravenna and Venice connect directly to Israel, Egypt and Cyprus (Adriatic service); Barcelona, Marseilles, Genoa and Salerno provide direct services to/from Cyprus, Israel and Egypt (West Mediterranean service) and to/from Piraeus, Istanbul, Izmir, Casablanca (Bosphorus service), with links via various ports to all main services. The recent addition of Casablanca and Castellon to the Bosphorus service expands the network of ports served by Borchard Lines with new connections now also being offered between the West Coast UK and West Med ports e.g. Liverpool to Marseilles and Genoa.

As part of the liner container shipping services the company has numerous agents, a number of its own overseas offices and specialises in through transport of containers from door to door. An increasing number of the containers and road transport vehicles used are fully owned by the Borchard Group of Companies including a current fleet of 25 wholly owned vehicles and trailers operating in the Liverpool area.

All five lines are managed with an emphasis on reliability, regularity and added value combined with a high degree of personal service. As part of the drive to excel in these goals and meet market demands, Borchard set upon a course of controlled expansion, replacing the vessels operated on each service with larger and faster vessels to meet market demands without jeopardising reliability. Borchard have taken steps to ensure its long-term future with a prudent selection of vessel providers and investments in equipment, IT and emissions abatement technology.

The container fleet of 20’/40’/Hicube/Open Top and Reefers now exceeds 28,000 TEU and continues to steadily increase in line with vessel capacity.

In recognition of the need for defined systems, formal control and systematic monitoring of all activities associated with the service, Borchard Lines Ltd. operates a quality management system that is accredited in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001-2008.

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