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ASECO Container Services UAB

ASECO, a sales driven liner agency was set up in 1970 by AMI Antwerp , in turn a fully owned subsidiary of CMB Compagnie Maritime Belge. ASECO is an abbreviation of Agence Service èt Conteneurs and the purpose of the organisation was to serve as an extended European agency network for CMB´s first container traffics between Europe and  North America.
After years with changes in ownership, USS United Shipping Services AB became owners in 2001 and pursued the original idea of an European agency network.

Today, ASECO is operative in Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic States, Central- and  Western Europe, as well as South Africa, being locally registered as private limited companies.

ASECO Container Services has a close co-operation with partners around the world and the strong ownership with a sound financial base constitute the foundations for long-term stable business relationships.

Our aim is to offer sea transportation with products tailored to customers needs. High levels of service, customer focus and expertise shall distinguish us. Innovation will provide new solutions to match our customers´ present and future needs for satisfactory and cost effective transportation.

A portefolio of well-reputed shipping lines and a worldwide network means opportunities for business development. Thus, we are for smaller and medium sized  companies a trustworthy and capable partner whilst for larger companies a flexible resource and worthwhile to approach.

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